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lirik lagu remembrances of a moment – atman

alight though unquenchable
like pure unawaited magic
it came upon me thus
and in a merest moment
that may well be an eternity
a spell was cast on me
and showed me what i was capable of giving

days to smile upon, of magic, love and desire
gave to my life a turn
created an image in my being that still
hurts me to remember feelings of such a depth

even yonder side of death
are with me still
omitse’t, nrete se ut a srev ne roma uem le!

neither hours, nor minutes
nor seconds did i wish to be
separated from that treasure
that i possessed within my heart
always within my head
like an obsession
always within my head
as my own self
soon the good to bad
did turn
and of the beauty of it
nothing remains
i was unimp-ssioned by life
nor death had hope to offer

i thought that at the close
when or lives would have and end
within ingravidness we’d wait for one another
to love each other in eternity
but this is not a carnal paradise
nor of desire in disguise

here love does not exist
nor even less the flesh
this is the plenitude of reflection
here -rg-sm is disembodied and eternal

lovely remembrances of love and of p-ssion
will follow thee through your life and through your death
they are a part of you
for you have created them
for you have loved them
for you have kept them
no, no, no, nooooooooooooooo
i want to break away
from such remembrances of pain
i know it all mere flesh to be
but in the centre of my heart
it still oppresses me and hurts

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