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lirik lagu repentance – eternal deformity

almost guilt, opressed i feel
crimson eyes, shows the true lies

the wors is deciving
when commit a mistake
don’t hide to me, for your own good

drown pain in corruption
this is not repair the prejudis
that’s you do, it’s filter through

a strenght of my will, sunrise kill?
while crimes hurts my will, rojoice kill
release is breake through, changing ways
forced to watch dismay, traveling pains

comprehension not comes easy
time don’t heal the holes
life is travel to the pleace
you don’t wont to go

unsensless charges pulled on all world but
pain comes back to you
wont waste your life, someone’s love
in your dreams sorrow dies

crippled by the disgrace
and lies tear your wounds
it’s punishment

i don’t reach your solemn end
you can’t have hold of yourself

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