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lirik lagu revenge – her nightmare

this revenge burns deep in me
this revenge lives in me
memories suppressed from years ago
fires rising through the cracks
learning everyday just a little more
these f-cking lost cries flood back
this disgust for the human race why i despise
i have to ride myself of this
feeling nothing but hatred for you and i
this revenge is raging inside of me
this revenge burns in me
it’s burning me
all this time feeling less than zero
now i’ll wake and turn the tables for the last time you speak
the last time you breathe
this burn in my veins
this raging
now i know why i have no love for no one
why i don’t let a soul know the real me
i blame you for everything that we become
i’m going down fast but i’m taking you
the f-ck with me
this revenge burns deep in me
this revenge burns deep in me

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