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lirik lagu ride board – colorblind james experience

ride needed to states borough, call willie
ride needed to kansas city, call jerry or mike
ride needed to san francisco, call tony
ride needed to ferrydale, louisiana, call jerry lee
ride needed to hibbing, minnesota, call bob
ride needed to woodstock, call van
ride needed to belfast, call van
ride needed to caledonia, call van
ride needed to georgia, call jimmy or ray
ride needed to los angeles, call randy
ride needed to mendocino, call dug
ride needed to chicago, california, call robert
ride needed to new york, new york, call frank
ride needed to el paso, call marty
ride needed to las vegas, call elvis

my spirit left my body while i slept and took a seat in a small café overlooking the river
and in a small café overlooking the river, my spirit relaxed and drank a cappuccino and then another
and my spirit borrowed a cigarette and smoked it and watched it disappear
and my spirit rose
and on it’s way out, paused before the ride board
and reading it, my spirit was moved and fell to it’s knees and wept
and sang of the ride board it’s praises in a loud voice

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