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lirik lagu ride the bullet – axel rudi pell

gonna take u down,
down 2 the floor,
gonna make u wanna
scream 4 more.
take a look,
a look in my direction.
touch your body as you’re
feelin’ my erection!

as i burn in your desire,
i can feel
u takin’ me higher.
up + down,
fill u up with my love,
(hey, hey, do u wanna ride
the bullet!)
in + out til u can’t
get enough.

i’ll be the best,
the best u ever had,
do it so good,
i swear i’ll drive u mad.
lick your body like a cat
with a bowl of cream
+ when you’re comin’ up, ooh
it’s so obscene.
yeah, u pump me 2 the wire,
like a burnin’ wheel of fire.
grind u down til you’re
beggin’ 4 reason
(hey, hey, do u wanna ride
the bullet!)
taste my skin,
it’s that time of the season.

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