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lirik lagu ride with me – 2much

2much is in here.

now baby u can ride with me
i can love ya
but with my n-gg-s
and my
b-tches i can rub
ya shouldas why ya do da
so meny lovers wonna
break-up but u and me in my
crib ready 2 f-ck
girl we so in
l-o-v-e love
my fave resterunt is
taco bell, you’ll have a mexican,
pizza and i’ll have
a mexy milt so girl witch is it
wonna f-ck then
gimme yo digets we can
head to lunch hey
im only 14 years old girl
and we are 2 much

ride with me ride with
me put yo legs up
and limme stick in ya and beat up
yo p-ssy
girl ride with me [x2]

now girl trust me
im so d-mn h-rny da
way ya
hump bump and ride
my d-ck
girl ride with me


now girl ya so fine a n-gg-
like me gotta
bump ya from behind
turn around bend over limme
pull my pants down
and stick
my d-ck up ya -sshole,
girl imma
think im gonna stick it
and bump ya in out
in out
then bump ya so hard
make ya say ooh
yeah and im
h-rny right now why im
doing this song
girl i no ya are 2 so baby after
where done take off
that thong



hump, bump, slide, silde, you and
me f-ckin’ so lets ride [x2]
so h-rny so h-rny so d-mn
h-rny so i say


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