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lirik lagu ridin’ rims – dem franchize boyz

yeah n-gg- (young juve) all you n-gg-s, (you all know what this is)
we don’t ride these no more n-gg-,
we’re in here with flats n-gg-,
we sittin’ on lebron back over here,
all you fake mounted n-gg-s ridin’ these,
we stop ridin’ these in ’99 (checke checke)
put that lil’ boy sh-t up
(so so def)

[chorus x2]
if you’re ridin’ rims, you gotta ride flats (uh, ha)
i’m sittin’ high ridin’ on lebron back (uh, ha)
des 23’s (uh, ha)
if you know (uh, ha)
i got a tahoe truck sittin’ up on 24’s

[verse 1]
i got more grams than teddy, got a cam in my chevey, my car go (eeerrrrr) and when i ride i’m ready
look like i’m glidin’ on nothin’, when i ride i be skatin’,
i pull up swervi’ on
n-gg-s they don’t be tryin’
they be hatin’
they only ridin’ on 20’s,
they might as well rid on hubs, if it ain’t deuces or better,
you might as well put em’ up,
’cause where i’m from (from) we mount up and ride on them big rims,
a whole supply of deuces that spin harder than windmills, i been real (yeah) always too clean ’cause i pack heat,
or white leather guts
plush, b-tch scream in the back seat
23’s on my f-ckin’ so i ride and i swerve,
but we’re too clean for the f-ckin’ street so i park on the curb

[chorus x2]

[verse 2]
i got the chevey sittin’ high, by matchin’ corner ties, michael jordan’s mounted up darts 23’s on the ride (j-zzal man)
i got man in the trunk, i’m workin’ the alpine,
paint flippin’, candy drippin’, plus the wood inside, driving a big boy drop,
a tv in the rear, the european clip on the rotatin’ rim just got ’em up out jail
(and that mothaf-ckin’ smokin’) buss a couple you turns
(with the doors wide open) punchin’ on the gas pedal, make pipe start chokin’, comin’ down real clean,
got 66 lebron back home, look i’m sittin’ right on it, comin’ up in the lane,
on the corner straight gunnin’

[chorus x2]

[verse 3]
loud pipes, satin music, with the judo eyes, 2nd tone background wit 2-inch ties
cut curb on the block, it’s a concert line
(dfb snd me b-tch) swervin’ side to side.
yup the cutlits mounted up like a h3 hummer, but it’s stuntin’ 1-on-1 ’cause i’m the #1 stunner, goin’ down 20 (yu) doin’ more than a honda,
since mypaint wet, they say my trunk sound like thunder, break the law,
(run the red light) drivin’ illegal, in a nice ol’ school, flow like dead people, i park where i can’t, hit b-tton make my door’s pop, rims go round and round,
custom seats lean ‘n rock

[chorus x2]

[verse 4]
now my rims spin n-gg-, every time i make a stop, and i keep that chevey clean, like a flow on disk it mop, when i’m posted at the light
got a b-tton that make the top drop now hoes hoppin’ on my d-ck like
they playin’ hopscotch hhhoes hopping on my d-ck like they playin’
hopscotch, when i’m on the e-way
you see me hit it then i’m gone, shinin’ red paint and i touch that whistle
siliconen i stay deep (stay deep) hopin’ at all ’cause i don’t mind,
’cause i’m wood grippin’, flip switchin’,
flipping alpine, it’s pimpin’ n-gg-
so i’m always stunt n-gg-, pull up on the chevey and burnt like my blunts n-gg-,
i keep good product in the hood it get delivered (delivered)
sittin’ back watchin’ movies in the rear view mirror

[chorus x4]

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