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lirik lagu rise of the black suits – andrew kelley


young aggressor, born into the life of crime
i would walk down the streets strapped with two nines
b-tch smacking, jacking n-gg-s, g dub stacking figures
police drive by, i was click clacking triggers
jay de lucas put me with the fam to grow
i was a boss amongst white boys rocking the flow
i had hoes, bankrolls and minks by the dozen
my rise to power was quick, they just wasn’t
trying to make me a made man, they f-cked up the game plan
i blacked out on them and started my own clan
black gambino, black suits, black syndicate
my crime fam was tight, every move was intricate
the c-ke was brought in from bad colombian mules
gorgeous women that i draped down in jewels
streets fight started, mafia wars in italy
crime fam against fam and no one could do diddly

do the dirty work, bring in the c-ke by the boatloads
go against the grain, n-gg-, i feed nose holes
follow no family rules, rules are for fools
chase the paper ’cause it’s the cash that rules