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lirik lagu rising up – cloven hoof


carving out an empire across a billion shattered star
systems, one super being stood supreme. biting the
hand that shaped him dominator’s new order reigned
with a grip of iron, dissident’s were executed or
imprisoned on maximum-security lunar compounds.

sentenced to burn
exiled in purgatory.
a man made cage,
in a distant galaxy.

but tonight we leave,
so spread the word around.
breaking out,
never to be found.

over the top,
past security.
through the fields
of energy.

stand up and be counted,
this is our finest hour.
time to join the frontline,
can you feel the power?

rising up!
rising up!
rising up!
rising up!

renegade forces,
of the world unite.
imprison our captors,
freedom is in sight.

storm the watchtower,
tear down these walls.
nothing can stop us,
heed no master’s call.
in the night,
the sirens wail.
imperial storm troopers,
on our tail


hear the engines roar.
through the darkness,
freedom fighters soar.
firing at will,
in for the kill,
blazing until,
the air’s filled by death.


rising up!
rising up!
rising up!
rising up!

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