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lirik lagu ro – i found me – z

(feat. trae)

man f-ck y’all..

n-gg- f-ck all y’all
f-ck all these n-gg-z, and f-ck all these hoes
if i needed a ride, i called on n-gg-z
if i wanted some -ss, i called on hoes
but not no mo’ though, i get around in a tinted out fo’ do’
and ain’t got no mix to motion, is a fa sho thang
don’t f-ck with ro hoe, i done lost all of my love
razor blade to the wrist, d-mn near lost all of my blood
this is to all my thugs, f-ck ya’ll n-gg-z
y’all just come around, cause i got them drugs
when all my drugs gone, n-gg- all my thugs gone
and i’m scared to eat, the last of the bread and the b-tter
because after that, all the god d-mn bud gone
i’m a mo’f-cking struggler, i wish i was a bubbler
mama said that, it would it be days like this
but not a life like this, so i take a knife like this and slice like this
take life like this, f-ck around and i take my own life like this
or click me a b-tch n-gg-, in the windpipe like this
that’s right b-tch, i’m a ignant son of a b-tch
and i do click quick, it might be halves and zones
to break a n-gg- bones, but never be stones and sticks
i ain’t the sh-t b-tch, i’m the motherf-cking commode
and f-ck everybody that ain’t z-ro, that’s on my soul
finally, i found me

[hook x2]
man f-ck, finally i found me
man f-ck you hoes, i found me

i use to be a cool cat
now a victim of the blues cat
i got tired of motherf-ckers, taking a n-gg- for granted
all i got is my mind, i can’t lose that
i’ma use that, even though a n-gg- mind gone
it ain’t lost, cause i know where it’s at
just on another level than boys, around here
for the paper stack, cause i’ma go where it’s at
i sound like a (big n-gg-), but i’m a (lil n-gg-)
d-mn though, some of y’all try to bo’gaurd
p-ss a n-gg- off and get that -ss caught, late night
on the backstreets, hollin’ oh lord
it ain’t no mercy, i still wanna see you bleed
because, i don’t give a d-mn no more
n-gg-z see 3d-2, and but hollin’ out f-ck you hoes
finally, i found me

it’s still guerilla maab, and ain’t a d-mn thang changed
i just peeped the game, and these n-gg-z be shife
over the years, i seen a lot of n-gg-z turn fake
riding thick on the cool, and then i have to erase
you see me and the maab, done learned without a thang
man most of these n-gg-z, be around for the fame
it ain’t no more love, therefor if you ain’t kin
and if you get up in mine, you gon meet your end
i’m one of a kind, i think you better check yourself
and it don’t mean a d-mn thang, if i shake your hand
if i ain’t too enthused, and i got on a mean mask
you better stay on note, cause i’ll beat your -ss
it’s guerilla maab this, and guerilla maab that
i think you better get back, and shut the f-ck up
for you straight step off, and get f-cked up
n-gg- trae and dougie d and z-ro, take nuts
so don’t come around now b-tch
when you showed everybody, all kinds of love
and i ain’t got none left, didn’t n-body wanna care
how we thug, that’s why i’m fin to be alone till i meet my death
everybody we was cool with, f-ck you too
and everybody who was hating us, f-ck you too
it just took a little time, for me to find myself
and that’s why we getting rich off ourself

[hook x2]

better watch your back, and identify yourself
n-gg- one mo’ step, and i’ma c-ck back every weapon
i pack, f-ck around and fr-fry yourself
a punk -ss patty melt, no remorses gon be felt
when i be dealing, with a less than g individual
nothing but a ak shot, is gon be felt
i never did trust no b-tch, and i don’t trust no n-gg-
f-ck all of my -ssociates, but in a life of a life
this motherf-cker like me, you get what you suppose to get
p-ssy in the middle of the fo’head, i wanna see my foes dead
and i smoke, one of these old busted up -ss hoes
old trailer trash -ss hoes, i live life one deep
and i don’t speak to the nankeen no mo’, n-gg- they know
coming around my neck of the woods, is a no-no
cause i got a 4-4, lay low please
everytime i open my mouth, mo’f-ckers would never believe
that’s why a n-gg- trip a lil bit, with a razor blade
and the reason, i wear long sleeves
y’all can’t help me, i don’t want your help
i just want some, leave me alone
i don’t wanna go to the club, i’m cool in the streets
b-tch, just leave me to roam
don’t call my cell phone, give folk don’t give a d-mn
if i get one in my dome, f-ck you dealing
y’all don’t understand my zone, finally i found me

[hook x4]

this ridgemont 4 forever, z-ro
the motherf-cking crooked, know i’m saying
i ain’t having that riff-raff man, i don’t buy wolf tickets
you know i’m saying, so send the hoes to another
n-gg-, you feel me, it’s 2k1 b-tch, forever
screwed up click, my n-gg-z ain’t going nowhere
still chopping with double d n-gg-, tap tap

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