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lirik lagu ro – the mule – z

king of the ghetto what they call me cause i rule this b-tch (rule this b-tch)
i’m bout business i don’t partic-p-te in foolishness (foolishness)
but every now and then somebody want to get the trippin with me (trippin with me)
and thats when i get stupid and them gorilla n-gg-z be with me
but i’ll rather be running up in something wet and slippery (wet and slipperrrry)
waiting on a n-gg- baby mama to come visit me (visit meeee)
they know i’m working with something so they be trying to holla (trying to holla)
they n-gg- just make them moan they hit me when they trying to holla (trying to holla)
guess i be digging to deep they emotions start growing
got they husband wondering who they been f-cking four in the morning (four in the morning)
lil mama cover you track if ya man find out and call his self
trying to check me i’m a beat his b-tch -ss (b-tch -ss)
he just mad cause he be missing and needing his b-tch -ss (b-tch -ss)
and he mad cause i be rubbing and squeezing his b-tch -ss (b-tch -ss)
he in love with the chick and she don’t even remember his -ss
she down for z-ro and do anything i ask
cause i hit her with the mule

[chorus x2: devin the dude (z-ro)]
thats the reason why these broads be tripping don’t want me to be with no other women
(cause i hit ’em with the mule)
going to deep when i be diggin up in them b-mping up against they kidneys
when i stick them
(cause i hit ’em with the mule)

[devin the dude]
valerie is mad at me because i ran up in kim
kim got a n-gg- so val told him
how i be sneaking with his gal yeah m-ssaging that monkey
slapping her on the -ss while she riding that donkey
and now my name in the mix
but thats what you get putting your thang in a b-tch
you got to b-tt em’ up stick ’em ha ha and dip
flush the rubber yep and get in the car and flip
but hoes always know where your ride at
or at least where it was they notice the tire tracks now they flat
so i learned to be polite move over please
grind it up in them an d-mn near damage their ovaries
jack that -ss up look at a minute
then urghhh ride up in it
it’s a certain way you stroke the hoes
take her on a vacation poke her nose


look i can’t help but see her she got that big ol’ b-mper behind her
when i see her she remind me of my lil mama mia
i don’t want rewind back to my bahama dear
she was out chea this lil n-gg- got her here
you wanna know bout my neighbor yeah i kinda knew her
she was impress with my whips i wasn’t kinda sure
kinda blew her off cause she was playing me tight
bumping down and let them whitey boys change her life
i hope you ain’t beefing
and my past ain’t got nothing to do with me hitting that -ss
ma i’m tweaking, i’m from a different world
where you don’t tie a woman down if she want to look around go head and get it girl
flexxa time to have s-xxa
look how ya got me i don worked up a sweat
calling my number cause no one do it better
got you at home at night writing me letters


p-ssed of cause too many people been in my face
mean mugging everybody two seconds from catching a case
plus somebody just hit my car man the sh-t don’t stop
go thru my phone and choose a victim take it out on the c-ck (on the c-ck)
ma thinking bout gripping -ss thats why i hit it swift and fast
i’m a put this log on you you gon’ feel it all in your calves
a gangsta so i’m raw with it i know what i’m doing
thats why she pop up at my residence trying to see what i’m doing
she knocking if the lights on ready to get her fight on
cause last night she had -rg-sms all night long
made her feel like she was married with children
but ain’t no al and peggy i’m strictly here to do some drilling in your man filling
there would be my hand filling all up in your you know
but you disappointed cause you ain’t my numeral uno
so you go acting a fool breaking all a players rule
straight forgot you had dude at home
cause i hit you with the mule


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