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lirik lagu road to redemption – euphoreon

for tomorrow until the bitter end-
we’ll stand as one, and rise to win
our p-ssion lies so deep
weight of the world now at our feet
from the hands of glory
to the mercy of death
new memories begin
along this road to redemption
crossed the valleys and the seas
aligned the stars towards a dream
this is where my road will end
but death and love go hand in hand
whenever we shall lose our way
know the gates of time forever wait
it’s not what we do, but how we go
lay to rest my weary soul
stop to think, what have you done
you’ve lost your way my only son
everyday we try our best
only strong survive this test
we’ll cross the line together
one love and bound forever
walk on the edge of life
give me back what’s mine
standing on these cold white winter plains
the wind is blowing cold
forever fly so high
in agony i walk alone
paths we walked, the places told
the only place i call my home
this road gets ever longer yet
so close but still so far from end
nowhere’s here and here i’ll stay
the sacrifice i have to make
will we ever meet again
our road will never end, my friend

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