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lirik lagu robbin’ hood heroes – nesian mystik


“robbin’ hood heroes”


rags to riches / star to addict / ya’ll know how the story goes / around every corner and playground / there’s someone that who could have had it all / but for one reason or another/ their path went somewhere / other than a world calling their name / from a grade student/ to cl-ss a users / what’s happening with our kids today?/ poisoned by our own / can’t sleep anymore / sister’s work on corners / brothers keep on brawling’ / so just tell me how the story ends / the question is where did it all begin


robin hood heroes / just a page in a fairytale lifestyle of the ghetto / they robin’ hood heroes / goes on and on, goes on and on


they deal to the rich / give to the poor / only metres from my door / turning street legends to urban myth / from rucker park all the way to grey lynn / from what could of to never been/ be the words in the song you sing / not with trumpets instead with violins / while you dance by yourself / so hooked / you can’t see you need help / so cooked / so its back to the bro you go / it hurts, cause you could have had it all

[repeat chorus]