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lirik lagu roll with me ft. al knizzy,de’von mitch – melik on the beat


(melik on the beat)

girl do you wanna roll
together we can run it
spendin all day countin hundreds h-t the mall then we cash out
haters mad kuz they see me poppin tags off
do u wanna roll
aye be my lady
aye be my baby
do you wanna roll
let a young brodie know
girl do you wanna roll

(de’von mitch)
somtimes you win,sometime you lose
sometimes it dont matter what you do
a lot of people on your side when they see you doin good
i’m making dollars whipping nice to get back to my hood
but tell me how my hood love me right now i’m just tryna make it no support just a bunch of haters always tryna brake me would they be satisfied if i layrd down my career down spitting rhymes which its not a career to them kuz them brothers ain’t seen a dime them be them same big head hoes on face book getting likes for a new picture
tell me if i’m worth more than some hoe out there screaming for attention
all i ask is for a so called friend to give me a lifting no a praise maybe i know that ain’t to much to ask that’s why i be mad most of yall fake but i ain’t tripping


(al knizzy)
they say beauty on skin deep in the eye of the beholder
plans to stay on solid ground
they are not tilted over
it’s like mother nature
me father time life of the creator a world to design
ain’t nothing like a woman that’ll ride for you
when its good or bad stayed by the side for you
when the going get tuff she there with support
that include being broke locked down
or holding fort
that’s the type of lady that deserve the t-tle
not playing with your emotions
triggering vitals
a real down -ss b$&$% you can give the world too
got his and her life jackets in the world pool
keepin you afloat helping you appear
instead of building her own boat saving her rear
women like that are rare in these days and time its like jackpot diamond in the ruff gold mine


(melik on the beat)
yeah i’m the man
gold rollie on my hand
bought some fresh reeboks for that california sand
yes im ballin like the pharaoh
copping brand new appreal
baby if you need that mix i got
the drink by the barrel
yea yea got it made hungry hustle getting paid
heat waves through my city at least a hundred in the shade
i just be up in the hills man i be on the chill
learned the game from my father man i got to keep it real
yea i know life’s hard but its getting better
i’m toasting every night kuz you don’t live forever
160 on the dash when i smash out
150 for them jays when i smash out
when them youngins h-t a drought watch em lash out
i’m busy chasing money in the fast route
drop the top when we stroll
anywhere you wanna go we can go
girl do you wanna roll