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lirik lagu room with a view – atheist

[brother ali]

one side of the street, is malone’s funeral home and the
other side’s a library, try very hard to picture this sh-t
walk through where i live at
where parents are embar-ssed to tell you they raise they kids at
you’ll need some half and half over 8 bar you can get that
f-ck with little rodney and you’ll get all of your ribs cracked
in a location where slanging crack rock is not seen as a f-ckin’ recreation but a vocation
and the sellers and smokers are both out pacing
got one eye on minneapolis p.
t. they both racin’3 for 50 is the supply and demand, and the
twin cities’ american heartland, and they
been busy, masterminds tearing apart plans
and hoop dreamers ballin’ with blisters on they hands
with chains danglin’ from the rims
pain strangles ’em from within
till’ the belt around the arm makes the veins stand at attention
i try to block it out with a bed sheet the moonlight’s as a curtain’cause i’m not comforted by red and blue lights when i’m hurtin’mommy loves you yeah i knew but i wasn’t certain’cause the lenses through which she views life wasn’t workin’as a boy she told me wait till’ your father to come home
i’m 24 still waitin’ for my father to come home
and some parents only touch they children when a whips brought
that’s why bad kids do bad sh-t, just so they could caught
and get touched, this growing up sh-t’s rough
that’s a big part of why were so mixed up
sh-t we don’t have bar mitzvah’s
we become men the first time our father hits us
and we don’t open gifts up
sister regina from across the street is beautiful
but for 50 bucks ain’t nothing she won’t do to you
used to be premium p-ssy now she u

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