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lirik lagu round and round (part 2) – method man


remix jonell def jam method man holla

yeah yeah
all the game that you was spittin
did you know that you was trippin
never thought to see me dippin
but i had to get missin
i’m tired of you stressin me
why don’t you let it be
comin round testin me
f-ckin with me mentally
good bye
don’t wanna see your face no more
so long
pack your bags want you out the door
cause everytime i play this ball game
time and time again it’s gonna rain
it’s gonna rain
it’s gonna rain
it’s gonna rain

[method man]:
oh sh-t there you go again
flippin on me
one minute we the sh-t
the next minute you sh-ttin on me
so what’s the problem huh
no way let me guess
you need some sp-ce
and some place to get a load off your chest
no better yet
you don’t get enough attention at home
and when i’m gone
i don’t even think to pick up the phone
i’m dead wrong
now you’re fed up
packin my stuff f-ckin my head up
and i see it in your face right now you’d wish i’d shut up

really don’t know what you came here for
round and around we go
setting your bags outside the door
round and around we go


if you don’t understand where i’m comin from
then my heart is tellin me you’re not the one
all the games you played and all the lies
you’re not the one for me no more so baby bye bye
pack your bags and get to steppin
you gotta let it go you need to stop trippin
(i hope you don’t think i’m a let you back it)
cause you’s a fool


don’t waist your time
you fooled me once but not a second time
now it’s time for you to go away
i packed your things nothin else for us to say

[method man]:
i was gutter when you met me
gutter when ya left me
gutter when you came back
face that nothin can change that
not romance or marriage counselin
you dropped the ball now i’m bouncin
buy me a room burn up an ouncin
waiting for my baby to call
forgivin all
a lesson break up
to make up
sh-t givin me drawers
now adore me amor
but everytime she choose to go to war
i’m lookin at the front door

today i made up my mind
to get away
i sit and pray
today i made up my mind
to get away
i sit and pray


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