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lirik lagu runway runaway – duran duran


at the door, blowing a kiss
she’s careful not to wake her sister
knowing that she will be missed
it feels a little bad, girl
on the corner, engine runnin’
taxi driver sees her comin’
chilly in the morning sun
she seems a little sad
say goodbye
she’s not afraid of leaving
no one by her side
nothing to hang on
wave goodbye to everything familiar
there’s a world to find
runway, runaway
just run away
looking back, she sees the pattern
hidden princess in the attic
realize this picture
that is more than she will hope for
happy when her heart is jumping
desperately seeking something
trying to be strong enough
to choose another road
runway, runaway, just runaway
runway, runaway, runaway
runway, runaway, just runaway
runway, runaway

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