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lirik lagu sacrifice – agony scene

tell you one lesson i’ve learned
if you wanna reach something in life
you ain’t gonna get in unless
you give a little bit of sacrifice
ooh sometimes you gotta smile before you cry
you need a heart that’s filled with music
if you use it you can fly
if you wanna be high

listen, i got you phobic offa this like arachnid
drastic, it ain’t plastic, it’s just pro black-ness
grown man tactics no pediatrics
the kind of track that make the comeback miraculous
the catalyst. thought with the knack of splashin
i’m dashin, i mastered the craft of mashin
the level-headed thoroughbred the females p-ssion
magnetic attraction be keeping em askin
the crews in the cadillac, the pendergr-ssin
swerve half-naked won’t come near crashin
but if i go to heaven would you know my name
or would it be the same for you like i was eric clapton, huh?

clap for freedom yawl, that’s what’s happenin
my spit take critical political action
the hustle is a puzzle, each piece is a fraction
and every word that’s understood is a transaction

i’m an s.p. soldier, microphone holder
rep philly set
from bolivia to boulder
paris, france?.thai yoga
how we gon’ make it through the dark?
i’ll show ya?.


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