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lirik lagu sadistic terror – accuser

sadistic terror
by: vitor misfits xd

and cover ugly faces
women dressed in glamour
cry for pleasant smells

for the sake of looking good – millions of creatures die
the century of plastic life – humanity’s sold out!

welcome to the madhouse
where science is dressed to kill
in the name of progress
victims stand in line

sadistic terror

they just breed for killing
they simulate desease
waiting for reactions
next experiment, please

sadistic terror

nightmares are coming true
who has got right, the license to kill
a shiver is covering you, dreadful thrill

sadistic terror

broken bones and bursted heads
(baby) all these crimes are committed for you and me
for a pleasant, healthy life
don’t ignore the crying of the agonized pack
’cause you might be the next in line

sadistic terror

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