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lirik lagu salem – bel o kan


in the h-ll of salem
where mystery reigns
problem after problem
in the town of witches

what are you doing, walking like this
through the winding streets of salem?
here there’s nothing but night and madness
you can feel the power of salem

they make sacrifices
they sing diabolical songs
they can hear the witches calling
lucifer their master
fresh blood on his hands
they trace the cursed sign
and burn evil candle
in the shadows of the town


the stars are all in place
the ritual can begin
a magic fire in her eyes
they start the cursed song
thinking twisted thoughts
their voices rise toward the darkened sky
across the threshold of h-ll
and give themselves to the demons


you’re frightened you are lost
you are lost in the h-ll of salem
you’re frightened you are lost
you are lost in lucifer’s domain


welcome to salem