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lirik lagu sandy’s song – amanda palmer

and the last thing i’d recall
her body standing on the stove
sandy wiping her grey eyes
i was pleased and frightened
to see a grownup woman cry
she blamed her housemaid for her mind
but i think that they all knew it had to happen some time

i had rushed home from school
to see my favorite show
and as it happened, it was deadly cold that day
and as i peeled my mittens frozen to my wrists with snow
i swore i heard a voice come from the living room
and say:

and when i peered into that room
my little afternoon took sick
sandy hanging from the light
her levis wrapped around her neck

it was a sight to see
old sandy finally seeing me
and though she couldn’t speak
i had a sinking feeling that she would have said:
“oh, darling….more mascara”

she looked so peaceful in the air
the lightbulb shining in her hair
her face was free
it frightened me
she looked happy
i guess she found the difference

and i thought about the joke
where the man keeps up his rotting wife
she had maggots in her mouth
i wonder if what she thought right now

and then the car drove up
and then the car drove up
and i remember sleeping
and i remember sleeping…

and they wrapped her up and drove away
and now i have this crazy fantasy…

what if sandy died in front of me?

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