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lirik lagu santa clause – lil’ wayne

i’m young, mula, weezy, baby
and baby you can never take off
and b-tt naked, is me
and so, is she
and we are about to face off, so
i drop the top on the phantom yacht
can i c-cannon ball
i told that nick cannon, do you want to cannon ball
i’m an animal, take your life and your bra
and i’m out like anbesol
i kept her number and her drawers
she’s such a naughty girl, and i’m her santa clause
and i don’t mean a magazine
when i say i ate her catalogue
i gave her cat a dog
roof roof, baby
blood gang honey, suwoop baby
do you baby, now do me baby
i would eat you like a tasty pastry
now i got one named ashley
not o’s ashley
mine is from miami and she got a friend named mary
and they come as a tandem, and i think you know what happens
jump off, jump off, jump off, jump off
remix baby!

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