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lirik lagu satellite – analog missionary

falling asleep
in the backseat
the radio is on
i feel alive
only when it’s dark out
only when it’s quiet
lost all my strength
while gazing out
the backgl-ss
as powerlines rush
by like my life
i’m alive
a satellite
a satellite

take courage in this thing
you’re in a sleepless time
your lonliness is fashioned
from the holiest of days
in the palace hear you sing
hiding from the lies
your orbit’s
left you stranded
drifting in the sea

i cannot think
here must be forgotten
all your aches and woes
i cannot move
once was in the shadows
now pulled forth in light
come and take my hand child
follow only me
satellite, satellite


after the fall
it’s a horrible thing
a secret thing
she won’t be saved
it’s a complex thing
unusual thing
i saw the seasons change
an endless stream
of days gone by
she turned
to see the faces
can’t she see
just how sad they seem
after the rain
the road’s so black
was my heart so black
dry like the leaves
it blows me away
it tears me away

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