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lirik lagu saturday – rebecca black


[intro: rebecca black]
oh my god, i love this song
this is my jam
where is my peanut b-tter?

[verse 1: rebecca black]
2 pm, getting out of my bed
trying to get friday out of my head
it’s all so hazy
got a little too crazy
you know i’d do it all again

[pre-chorus: rebecca black]
call everyone you know
turn up the radio
cause this is our song
we can do no wrong
are you ready, are you ready to go?

[chorus: rebecca black]
this sat-rday we’re gonna party all night
one we will remember the rest of our lives
this sat-rday we’re gonna do it bigger than we ever have before
i don’t want this sat-rday to end [x3]

[interlude: rebecca black & (dave days)]
hey, come over
(alright, alright, i’ll be right over. i just gotta find my pants.)

[verse 2: dave days]
rolling up, i’m on the scene
want you here right next to me
yeah, cause this is our night
ain’t got no deadlines
there’s nowhere else i’d rather be



[bridge: rebecca black]
yesterday was friday, today is sat-rday
we’re gonna live like there’s no tomorrow
wouldn’t have it any other way