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lirik lagu save it dick you make me sick – angel brownfield


and i do want you to know i hold you up above everyone
the more i see you the more i want you
somehow this feeling just grows and grows
with every sigh
i become more mad about you
more lost without you
and so it goes i will always love you
cause the way i feel inside
i wan’t to show you in person
if your trying get out
just walk down that road
i wont stop loving you
think that’ll stop me?
i do what i do
i never back out
walk against the wind
take a stand
i don’t need a man
no if, and, or buts
so f-ck your feelings
your love is a curse
i ain’t playing around
my life is such a mess
got rips all the way up my dress
i talk the truth
i’ll try to avoid eye contact
cause you’re the door to the f-cking past
it’s sick. who knew we’d predict
how the end of the story would go
my hearts big but it beats quiet
why do i go through bullsh-t
please don’t get me wrong
i’m not bitter or mad
as long as you show remorse
it’s just sad the way life carries on
i walked the length got to the finish line
ended up coming last
all the tears and emotion are enough to fill an ocean
i said i’m sorry i’m sad
i let my doubts get to me
it’s like their shouting at me
i need a superman
to come lift me off the ground
i never let a boy bring me down in a relationship
save it d-ck you make me sick
you don’t want that neither do i
your friend looks so much better
i’m going to have to say goodbye
wait don’t touch what you can’t have
he has a girlfriend
what the f-ck that’s sad
i’ve been walking around
thinking bout what you said
and how you let that girl
into your bed
rumours are the truth
but distorted into a disguise
you got something that all the girls want
they going to call you baby
roll em dice
see who it’s gonna be tonight
you’ll be smiling
cause your love has no