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lirik lagu save it for someone else – stages and stereos


and i’m suddenly aware of your unhappiness
i must have called a thousand times, you know you could have said
that you had “nothing left to do with me.”
i missed my chance to prove myself to you.

here’s the part where it all falls through…

so go ahead and jump the gun, but stop acting like you care.
you’ve got the fakest smile i’ve ever seen and oh god you wear it out.
and we never talk about this, you’re letting yourself go.

and you thought i didn’t know. you’re turning awfully red.
well i thought a lot about the things i should have said.
you’ve given up on love and i’m sure i’m to blame for everything that led to this

i’ve wasted so much time. i’m better off without you.
i’ve got so much left to live for. now i’ve finally got my room to run