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lirik lagu save me a dream – raymond lauchengco


if dreams are a shadow
of love, fame and fortune
that adorn the night
some fade away quickly
and lose all their meaning
in the morning light

verse: do cp verse
yes some dreams are lifeless
they’re light entertainment
meaning nothing more
but there are dreams holing promise
and pure inspiration
worth waiting for

save me a dream
as perfect as the night is long
save me a dream
as secure as your arms a shelter where we
both long
and our love can bring the stars
even close than they seem
save me a place your heart
and save me s dream

verse: do cp verse
some call you crazy
convinced that you’re lazy
if you dream by day
when we’re dreaming we’re listening
if somebody’s whispering
who knows what they’ll say

some find a purpose
a sense of direction
in a wandering mind
if ideas are prizes like children of angel
who knows what we’ll find
(repeat refrain)

save me a place in your heart
and save me a dream
save me a place in your heart
and save me a dream