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lirik lagu save me – poets of the fall

gotta get a hold of myself
i see them gathering around
and they need me to do their will

it’s like i’m standing again
on the same window sill
am i happy on the pill

if i wanna be the man
should i open my wrist again
would that make it excellent, yeah
if i wanna be the one
should i book me an interview
to get an audition

save me
i’m my own worst enemy
running headlong to the wall cos i want my freebie
save me
you’re the only out i see
n’ i need your love the most when i least deserve it

gotta get a shot of something
before i’ll enter the ring
gimme just a minute, just a minute

did i really ask for all this
did i really cut open the goose
just to lose what’s in it

if i wanna be the man
should i open my wrist again
to find the way in
yeah, if i wanna be the one
i’ll need to get me that interview
to get that audition

looking at myself in the mirror
funny i should see only headlines and ads with my name
i was told i’d see my ally
so who are these skeletons with guns taking aim

save me, save me…

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