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lirik lagu save the animals, eat humans – 2 week notice

born dead, innocence lost
a dining pleasure at their cost
human race, so inconsiderate
killing all the innocent
take for granted, your precious life
cutting another with a knife
what about man’s best friend
in your stomach in the end

how can you say that it’s ok
they’re gonna die anyway
so what, doesn’t meant that it’s alright.
top of the food chain, how’s this?
you’re worthless and they’re helpless
stupid trailer trash
well here’s, what i think
i say that we f-cking shoot your -ss

stop and look, at the world
from a different point of view
where you’d drag a bushy tail
tell you exactly what you do
you would stop and wonder why
innocent beings had to die
sympathy they can’t afford
their happy little lives cut short

so eat a cow, or better yet
why don’t you consult your local vet?
or how about the city morgue
all you can eat, a smorgas board
so wrap a life in a taco sh-ll
hope it fills you for your trip to h-ll
society brings a tear to my eye
our lives are sh-t, i wonder why?

regret for the skwurls

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