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lirik lagu save this moment for me – duncan james

i don’t know what it is about you
but you’re always on my mind
i don’t know if you feel the same way i do
cos we’re running out of time
i just need you to know
there’s a memory i hold
and i wanted to share it with you ..

so won’t you…. save this moment for me
close your eyes and you’ll feel
i am right here beside you
and im holding your hand
so .. let this moment be yours
even though we’re apart
understand that i still love you
we’re living sperate life
but right now its time…. save this moment for me

i just want you to trust me
and i want you to care ..ohhh
if its too late for us now
keep this moment be shared
i just want you to know
if you’re ever alone
call my name and i’ll always be there

[repeat chorus]

if i could go back in time
there will be no doubt in your mind
of how much i love you……..

[repeat chorus]

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