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lirik lagu schizophrenic – burden of grief

let’s get down to br-ss tacks
i am your incubus
the demon in your life
the pain by your side
i am your master, only bring disaster
i am in your mind i designate your life

schizophrenic, distortion of thoughts
hallucinations, voices in my brain
disorder and depressions of all sense
no self control, only perplexity

[chorus (x2):]
dark desire in my feelings
dark emotions in my mind
at the abyss of my being
broken fragments of my mind


let me in your brain
i specify your life
the only friend you have
is right by your side
don’t look at others, only look at me
i am your god, you can do evil with me

schizophrenic, distortion of thoughts
paranoia, anxiety to the world
sensations of fear and distrust
a life between heaven and h-ll

[chorus x2]

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