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lirik lagu second time around – tiger lou

dressed in full i’m ready to go
i’ve got a cab waiting outside my front door
my plane leaves within the hour
i know i won’t be coming back no more

i left my flat, i left my friends, i left my job
it was bound to be this way
and as i leave the ground i start to think about
everything you made me say

things will never be the same again

faking sleep to avoid a conversation
with the lady sitting next to me
i say i’m sorry to hear about your husband
now would you please leave me be

she turns her head and starts to cry
i appologize and gently rub her hand
an hour p-ss we read our books
buckle up and get ready to land

things will never be the same again

get my bags board the train
next stop london second time around
i say a silent prayer to the lord above
i made it through and i’m still alive and sound

i know we’ve had our diffrences
but our love just never seems to fade
and when the good times come around
it’s worth the lot on this i won’t be swayed

thinking about the things i left and the life i could’ve had
but then your kiss reminds of that the life i live ain’t all that bad

everything is easier the second time around

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