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lirik lagu second view – smartbomb

it’s all about today
and how you waste your days away
good morning santa cruz
no time to lose
three a.m.
i can’t sleep
get up and roam the streets
i walk down to the pier
and let my problems disappear
you caught me by surprise
like a sight for sore eyes
you compromised at every by and by
it’s all about tonight
a couple beers ans i’m alright
san francisco bay
what can i say
good friends and good vibes
you know i think about you
all the time
’cause today
it will be gone before you know
you took us in
and saved us from the road
dedication to those
who i can call my bro’s
you gave us your support
and you gave us your floor
you gave us everything
an i could ask for nothing more
i think of the things
that i lost along the way
i think of the things
that i lost over monterey bay
i found them today
and i left a little something
behind on the way

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