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lirik lagu secret – asia cruise

[verse 1:]
here my phone ring at three a.m,
so i pick it up – cause i know it’s him.
he said i just wanna call cause i had a long,
and i just wanna hear your voice.
he said i’m on my way home from a flight,
and thought about you all through the night.
but the reality is that he’s gone back to her,
and i’ve gone back to mine;

he’s my secret,
and i’m his secret.
but we both understand,
and we both really care
but we’re not ready to let it go.
cause he’s my secret,
and i’m his secret.
what do you want me to do?
what do you want me to say?
fallin’ in love wasn’t part of the plan,
of the secret.

[verse 2:]
he just pulled up to his house,
so we gotta hang up for a little while.
but before we got off the phone,
for the first time; he said i love you,
i love you!
so now what am i supposed to do?
what am i supposed to say?
you got me so confused,
you got me so confused.
how am i gonna look my man in his face?
what am i gonna do?


[verse 3:]
we got to figure this out,
cause we’re too deep in now.
cause we slipped up and fell in love,
while we were both with somebody else.


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