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lirik lagu seducer – armored saint

ooh no way, how does it feel
to been bit by the snake
left without a meal?
you know the stakes are high
when you hear her cry

she’ll keep pushin’ and pushin’
’til she makes her mark
here’s what they said, lookout
seducer, seducer

i tried to hit on the beat
i got mesmerized babe
i fell to her feet

she can steal your soul
with her mind control
fighting for air
was all worthless despair

just as they said, lookout
seducer, seducer
seduce me, seduce me
seduce me, seduce me

hold tight, knocked to the floor
i give all i got but she still wants more
it’s a human trap, just a dead b-m rap
hear my words, get on your feet and run

just as they said, just as they said, lookout
she’s a seducer, seducer
seducer, seducer, seduce me, seducer

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