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lirik lagu seeking the brave – mischief brew


[verse 1]
from the mire
raise my head
ha ha! they thought i was dead
now, where was i before the wolves came around
i have heard
here and there
of wealth as free as the air
of truth that’s clear as a crystal
of labor without worries or cares

[verse 2]
i have heard
of a clan
out of here in faraway lands
of wood dwelling rebels and revelers
i was told
by a friend
that this great quest would only begin
if i’d stopped circling in circles behind my own bars
and spiral on out to the firey start
[verse 3]
cross this river
pay the toll
by the gods! i feell i’m so close
from which direction did the night music drift?
i am warm, tirsty and thin
i stumble into an old inn
and the barman inquires, “a bed or grave?”
i say “neither. i’m seeking the brave”

i’m seeking the brave
i’m seeking the brave
i’m seeking the brave

’round the licks
a victory dance
eat and drink and sing, my children