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lirik lagu selah – christafari

psalm 149: 3

many them fear, no fear i, not i, not i, don’t want them life, a suicide, not i, not i
plenty run, nowhere to hide, not i, not i, i run to yeshua, i confide, i & i survive. chorus:
selah – come dance before the father, selah – thanks and praise i will utter
selah – lucifer him no bother, selah – zion here now my brother
many them hate, no hate for i, not i, not i. them love war, famine, genocide, not i, not i
drugs! take them body for a ride, never i, never die. need a savior’s, love inside, i abide with jesus christ. chorus. praise jah jah, no death for i, not i, not i
i man live eternal life, yes i, yes i crucifixion, jesus die, his death for i, you and i-
price now paid see jesus rise, up high, so cry! chorus 3x.

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