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lirik lagu self-centered – bowling for soup

i got it stuck in a bind
i don’t even know why
it sucks to even try
but i won’t try anymore

she took the afternoon train
to find a different plane
but life down the drain
better than being ignored

[pre chorus:]
i think i’m taking a vacation now
i’m on holiday and maybe i won’t rest
until i’ve thrown it all away
yeah i’ve got it down

i’m gonna feel sorry for myself
i want to blame it on everyone else
i want to be self centered
and make everybody feel sorry for me

she sent a postcard again
she said she had a new friend
i hope that by the end
he throws her heart to the floor
she says he’s really ok
i really hope that he’s gay
it’s not a nice thing to say
but i don’t care anymore

my leg fell asleep
cause you laid on it
there’s no reason to dwell on it
it’s just not worth it
remember a year ago
when we played in the show
now get outta my head

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