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lirik lagu self-righteous spics (anthem) – arsonists

[q] forever united, we walkin this planet of g-sses
true to all my n-gg-s till my life span p-sses
[s] with the (shhh) sound of the pyro camp
you’s a fool if you try to get the psycho amped
[j] we could stomp, give it a loud clap {-clap clap, clap-}
champ chomp the compet-tion, full back tackle
ya quaterback
[q] we tight like ten virgins in a porsche
double parked car, miagi’s wax on technique
couldn’t block ours
[s] like dark scars, my fam stays on my skin
beginning to never end
there’s many different ways i’ma win
[j] my brain jiggle in pickled jars
brooknam phenomenan, worf
a lush in bars, black fingers splittin cigars
[s] sh-ttin in bars with a crazed smell
lord praise swel!
’cause time is 11: 34 when i’ma raise h-ll
and truly i’ll react and you will get
attacked world-wide
my crew is on the map, yo q! you got my back?
[q] no question, like, like. the roots
without their drummer
you step up in a relay, son you got ya’self a runner
targeting the government, you got ya’self a gunner
we breakin through the surface ’cause we
tunneled through the under

[chorus 2x:]
in the club, we got it locked
we, wooooh!
only if we should, then we rock
we, wooooh!
rollin through ya hood or ya block
we, wooooh!
louder! wooooh!
prouder! wooooh!

[s] remain calm, ladies on line because we gettin
our game on, and anybody breakin up
the hustle and they gone
[q] like schwarzenegger biceps, the family stay strong
nothin you can say wrong, we righteous
speak the same slang
microphone spit unite us, love to all the fam
and give a f-ck who don’t like us
[j] we th-rn coated our hearts, so i rock
invisible h-rns
sworn heat raised deceased, got n-gg-s screaming
“ya dead wrong!” snatch the hoochies ice
she’s twice the chicken i am
you ain’t a playa, trade ya foodstamps
tell ya baby dad to buy ’em
[s] rollin with us, ain’t no need to keep a low profile
we could all go wild and keep the po-po out
we can liven up the party, drink all up the bacardi
dance and move ya bodies with hotties to ladi-dadi
[q] +we don’t cause trouble+, ‘less you want the bubble
popped double, what you gonna drop? zepplin kid
we gonna rock, arsonists fam, global relatives
connecting world-wide, thanks for pyromaniacs
[j] somebody gonna fry in here tonight!
too many n-gg-s that like to fight,
hang tight and that ain’t right!

(chorus 2x)

“i bet you made that up by yourself”

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