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lirik lagu separate ways – melonie cannon


the more i think i know, the less i do
i guess i need a change of att-tude
so many times i’ve thought that i knew best
guess i’m no better than the rest

the hands of time have proved, that i was wrong
so i’ll tell you in this simple song
i’m not asking for your sympathy
i just want you here with me

there are times i know
maybe i should go,
and other times i should stay
we oughta work it out
see what true love’s all about
or go our separate ways

everybody’s got to sing their song
do what they feel even if it’s wrong
and if you’re thinking that you know best
then you’re no better than the rest

maybe time will wipe your tears away
and we can show our love a better day
if someday life should bring us to our knees
then we’ll need some company

repeat chorus twice