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lirik lagu sepsism by stabwounds – extreme violence

dislocate your thread of life
abolishing all penitences of mercy
i discovered loftiness of mankind
impecilidy is felony
your vertebras are my favourite game

your head is adorned with maggots
first they intaminated your esophagus
you are still alive
then you drunk your own gail
as the curver was working on your neck
i deflated your stomach with seven stabs

choked by bitter phlegms
each sin, one stab
your punishment for all your sinful acts

sepsism by stabwounds

vulgar gore emanc-p-tion
impecilidy is felony
unheard resonant cries
impecilidy is felony

i’ll keep you seven days alive
seven lessons of human anatomy and absurdity
before i crush your shoulder blade
before i fill your eyes with vinegar.

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