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lirik lagu serenity – cinder

v) lost and blind, hung up on a one track mind
seeing all of you, reminds me lots of things to do.
your words are wrong, you criticised the world too long
heard along the way, all these different things to say easily.

c) and i’ll be, in a crowded room but i’ll see you soon serenity.
there’s no more serenity for me,
but it’s alright for now.

v2) hear the noise you make, another point for you to take
i know that you don’t see anywhere near the best of me.
it’s not for you, you left us with too much to do
i wrote it on my sleeve, well enough for you to read easily.

v3) struck by the moon, i saw it when i fell too soon
45 degrees, looking up from bended knees easily.

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