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lirik lagu shadow of despair – anima damnata

shadow of despair

lord of death and hate – eat my flesh
king of fallen kingdoms – drink my blood
master of perverted dreams – take my soul
lord of death and hate – kill,kill,kill

i see shadows of my dreams, bl–dy shapes of blasphemy

come to me,come to me, father – of the morbid priests
rise your sword, crush the stone, father – of the burning stars

hear the mourning cry of earth
sound of slowly comming death
feel the wrath of serpent’s lord
burn the holy book of god

shadow of despair

soul is rotting soul is dead, poisoned blood – boils in veins
lord of death and hate – eat my flesh
gods of thunder, full of hate, desecrate the – holy graves
lord of death and hate – kill,kill,kill.

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