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lirik lagu shawty wats up – day 26

shawty wats up
am in town for one night
i need somebody to come
take a drink with me
wats up
am in mile 74
you might know were to go
shawty what it’s gon be
if your with it tonight
you gotta let me know
shawty wats up
she’s with it tonight

but then we poping champagne
buying all the bottles
shawty looking good
something like a model
give me a wink
let me know when you finish
got my bank roll on
maybe you can help me spin it
used to stare at night
now you can get to business
if you know what’s good
normally i post up on the wall
heres my number shawty give me a call



shawty want another drink
get another bottle
buying up the bar
flying out tomorrow
give me a tab
takin care of the good
one day i gotta fly you out to my hood
we in the zone
goin off that petrone
while the d.j still playing my song
i got the keys to the ride
aye she’s certified
now shawtys gotta ride with me

girl i know you’ve been listening
wishing you could be rolling with me
well tonight is your chance
cancel all your plans
you don’t know what your missing
till your give me…
(i can take your number later on on on)
(when you see my number on your phone on on )
(you already know what it is )
so get yourself together whatever you wanna do
you could do it aint nothing to it


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