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lirik lagu she’s lyin’ – lee greenwood

he’s lyin’

as her key unlocks the front door
i reach out to find a light so she can see
then i wait to hear her story
why she stayed out late tonight & she tells me
that it really wasn’t her fault
if she’d had her ways she’d have been home hours ago
that’s when her tears start to flowin’
& she swears it’s true but in my heart i know

when i’m sure that i’ve convinced her
that i believe her story then i turn away
i don’t let her know she’s hurt me
’cause the words stick in my throat i wanna say
& i’m so afraid i’ll lose her
if she knew i knew the truth she just might go
so i listen to her story
try to hide the hurt, but in my heart i know

she’s lying, there’s not a word of truth in her crying
& still i’ve got this awful urge to take her in my arms & hold her tight
god, i know she’s lying, a little more of me keeps on dying
oh how i wish that i could be the one that she’s been lyin’ with tonight
instead of me i’d rather be the one that she’s been lyin’ with tonight
she’s lying

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