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lirik lagu she’s in love – according to john

what a beautiful smile
a radiant girl
fell in love first time i saw her
she stays on my mind
i? d give anything
to know everything about her

there? s light in her eyes
and i know it? s all for him
she carries on and on
like he was her best friend

she? s in love (echo)
it? s not hard to see
but i would like to believe it was with me
someone got a hold of her heart
and he won? t let go
and i know
she? s in love

she looks to the sky
when she talks about him
she believes he hung the moon
said he had to go away
she waits for his return
says he? s coming for her soon

how can this be fair?
this guy can walk on water
don? t guess i? ve got a prayer
he? s written love letters – to reach her

she worships the ground he walks on
she just smiles when she says his name
it? s a match made in heaven
i can? t compete with the king of kings

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