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lirik lagu shit jobs for rock – jaya the cat


can i get a witness that i’m trying?
because so much of this living is dying
white trash motherf-cker but you know i ain’t racist
you want to talk beer your gonna have to talk cases
suck another guiness down to the foam
drunk or sober no joke on the microphone
and sometimes you gotta ease the pain with illegal drugs
cause you know the road of life is filled with hardships ‘cuz

don’t want to make this life seem glamorous cause it’s not
working sh-t jobs just to play rock
be who you are not what you’re not
meditating in bars to write hip-hop

you know i’m on like level z of moon patrol
i take the mic and i take control
and from the ‘fax to the ‘hamp to the ‘loin
you know there’s lessons in life that you can’t avoid
like when your backs to the wall man it’s hard to get a vision
i spent my time as a hobart technician
and you now when you’re down they never heard of you
but when you’re coming up, it’s like they want to murder you