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lirik lagu shopaholic – nicki minaj

(feat. gucci mane, bobby valentino)

[gucci mane:]
ah ah ah ah ah ah ah
ah ah ah gucci ah

[verse: gucci mane]
i gotta shoppin problem
she gotta shoppin problem
i’m a composive shopper
so i’m a cop her prada
i’m a ice her outta
make ya talk about her
she got this thang about her
yea she a s-xy walker

we shoppin in maraco
i took her to go buy
lil mama stupid fly
so tell me watcha like
cause gurls i like to buy
my money stupid fat
his money on a diet
ten stacks to keep her quiet
i make her call me daddy
yea there go daddy baby
and she loves daddy cause
daddy gone keep dem hatin
yea they hatin baby
they wanna trade places
i call her s-xy lady
she call me gucci baby

[chorus: x2]
she gotta fendi fetish
she gotta shoppin problem
dat gurls a shopaholic
she only mess with ballers
she gotta gucci fetish
she gotta louie problem
she gotta shoppin problem
dat gurls a shopaholic

[verse: nicki minaj]
yo i’m a need a couple of dem benzess…
i be out in china spendin yenzesss
gucci on my lenzzess
my leather so sensative
scratch my 9 o’ clock
i wanna shop make ya tenezzzz
dilly dilly d look at all deze hoochies
i be on tha beach in emilio pucci
i’m a i’m tha best i’m tha best ask khaled
sorry lil daddy dat cards not valid
i need a limited black card, like i’m racist
with dem real big faces
louis vuitton cases
hoes in da hood say nicki minaj booshie…
i do it b.i.g. so i keep a couple coogies hoezzzz

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