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lirik lagu shout out to lost boyz – canibus

shout out to lost boyz

[dj clue]
yeah, dj clue, desert storm, all up in ya area
with the lb fam, love peace and nappiness
a little sample, but first..
my man canibus, gon’ rip sh-t down, ha ha

yo, yo, yo
lost boyz the beasts from the east up in this piece
with a new release on the streets every fifty-two weeks
and i dare a n-gg- to challenge us; i turn the
love peace and nappiness into your blood on a napkin in the ambulance
f-ckin with the n-gg- called canibus, just the sound
of my voice’ll give you a positive urine -n-lysis
i’m a lyrical demon, stronger than crack fiends
that smoke two p’s with a c in between em
lb fam, makin the music n-gg-z dance to
and we sip a very substantial amount of jack daniels
lo-est, boyz we lock sh-t
we invested all of legal drug money profit
showin love to each and every n-gg- that copped it
in they jeep, lex coupe, beema or benz knockin it
music makin you high, givin you that urge
to spend two-thirds of the money you earned on herb
you’re f-ckin with the lb fam, we do what we gotta do
you never get the chance to shoot back at who shot at you
n-gg-, you’ll be dead before you reach the hospital
lookin at you layin there with blood comin out your nostrils
queens most wanted, quick to clap a n-gg-
rap at killers who wear carharts and caterpillers
totin the four-pound, holdin the fort down
before heavy d bounced to uptown became a ghost town
cheeks, lou and thai see eye to eye
spig sees eye to thigh, bein the shortest
but he still gets busy on the one and two’s regardless
heard about the clue tape, so i had to get on it
lost boyz and desert storm, show us the money
cause we still hungry, we still got the growl in the tummy
we still grimy and grungy, dressin b-mmy
doin shows for foreign currencies in other countries
tryin to finance me a hum-vee with low m-fflage
get a production deal, start our own record companies
sign our own acts, and rhyme about whatever we wanna rap
decorate our walls with plaques
summertime eighty-nine or better degree weather
nine-seven dj clue and lb fam forever

[dj clue]
what?! dj clue, all up in ya area

yo yo yo hold up i don’t think n-gg-z know man
i’m gonna rock some more, check it out, yo, yo
now just by watchin you, i can tell that i got you
to face me, somethin you don’t wanna do, my rhymes
are too hostile, they’ll beat you down in public like the cops do
sit on top of you, make a human pinata out of you
flow as potent as possible, creatin obstacles three feet
high and rising, like the chronicles of posdonus
the old school hip-hop, is where i get my style from
uptown harlem, is where i get my lye from
my cousin with mad guns, is where i get the nines from
area 51 is where i be gettin rhymes from
i’m not a human being
i’m the human being ill with a iq that’s off the scale
if words could kill, a verse of mine’ll murder a mil’
and mc’sll be gnashin they teeth, burnin in h-ll
i’m learnin to be the head instead of the tail
i ain’t followin n-body else to increase my sales
metaphors are real, like they been forged in steel
stood before the judge told him i was forced to kill
and how i went for mines to get paid in full
then i went for minds again and ripped em out of n-gg-z skulls
the n-gg- on the block with the biggest b-lls, layin n-gg-z
on the floor, robbin em too a biggie smalls song
“turn your head round,” give me the cheddar
i’d rather be a lion for a day than a lamb who lives forever
“turn your head round,” give me the cheddar
i’d rather be a lion for a day than a lamb who lives forever [echoes]

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