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lirik lagu show and tell room – young aux


this b-tch is f-cken reckless ripping off her
necklace f-cking me wild but i bet the b-tch is
s-xist mybe she’s an actress mybe i am bogus let
me phone the owens going wild for the night ain’t
n-body could control us moving at her slowest
show and tell, got the pictures she showed us she
wants to f-ck the world and girls are included this
girl is disturbed but very far from stupid i told her
i want to get it on if she is home alone people
bother me calling me on my phone focus on her
body in her s-xy d-mn thong why the h-ll did
she go so wrong why the h-ll she bother me she
can’t get bored of me i don’t need a pencil cause
all these b-tches is drawn to me f-ck her
phsycology this b-tch is physcotic g b-tter booty
calling me i’m spending all the money but i bet
this sh-t monopoly she even call me poppa g man
she is ontop of me f-ck them b-tches robbing me
[ young aux ]
skinny mother f-cker ice dripping bl–dy paint
gold jesus piece around my neck like i’m a saint
i’m a crazy m0ther f-cker she a crazy m0ther
f-cker put my d-ck up in her b-tt that’s a anel
mother f-cker she don’t like them other b-tches
she f-cks with other b-tches give me throath till
she choke that’s a couple dangerouse inches
rolling up a swisha for i pop myself a molly i get
high and touch the cieling i ain’t talk gevance
racks up in my p0cket big enough to make a
striper quit get ontop of a beat and murder this
sh-t like i’m just fond of it booty was so big she
f-cked me good like she from 94 told the b-tch
get on the pole or you gone get kicked out the
door p-ssy is so thick i even call the b-tch camel
toe d-mn she f-cked me good she f-cked me so
good i couldn’t handle more shawty a queen in
gold blue jeans i then get her naked till 6 in the
m0 back up in the projects we get p-ssy for a
c0uple bucks if a n-gg-r disrespect we flip a oke
and catch a hike shout my g thugs n-gg-rs we
respect and then c0ngradulate if m.eye.k.e in the
spot then there’s n0 f-cken r00m for hate.( blaqa
mother f-cker )
( uh yeah di_sh all right all right )
crazy latin tripping and then i started flirting and
then she started drooling cause my swag is the
coolest i’m rocking with my ludas my n-gg-rs be
the rudest we never talk to foolers we always
rocking bullets you can see me when i go n-gg-r
in the night i glow i pull it back slow then i call
sha_dow and then we do a two-o don’t be scared
don’t be mad she grabbing on my sack she hold it
in her hand i ask her what’s the plan she don’t
seem to understand i tell her i’m the man she say
n-gg-r please speak i say that i’m a freak she’s a
angel in the day and a devil in replay when she
move her -ss n-gg-r you gone go crazy the chick
is heaven sent the way she do her dance young